Buzzi Bees Biscottini

by Nosh Store | July 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

We certainly love our busy bee, Janet - the maker behind Buzzi Bees Biscotti. Our customers absolutely love her biscottini and we'd say it has a bit of a cult following at Nosh, with people travelling hours to get their monthly top up! 

Take your tea or coffee sit down to the next level, with these crunchy pieces of italian heaven. They make great add ons to hampers/gifts, too!

The always lovely Janet, tells us all about her delicious range of Biscottini and how it came to be. 

“ It was literally one wild and windy day...when things took a turn in 2012. I will not belabour everyone with details, but it gave me a kick to think outside the box. I have always loved to destress by baking and feeding family and friends. Thus, the decision to try my hands at exciting the taste buds of others.  Time consuming to bake but the positive feedback from friends spurred me to take it to the next level.

The biscottini are carefully handmade in an approved home kitchen. Loaves are first baked, cooled, then sliced thinly and re-baked.  Yes, they are painstakingly double baked!

I wanted the biscotti to taste good but also the combined ingredients should be healthy and look appealing.  Ingredients such as cranberries, walnuts and ginger were chosen, and mixed with almond.  Sugar is also reduced so that the natural flavours are not overpowered by a sugary taste.

The bulk of the ingredients are sourced from local Australian producers.  Australian products subscribed to undeniably high-quality checks.  This is certainly important for a quality biscotti.

Over the years, I have been overwhelmed by encouraging words from people I have never met, who have called out of the blue to let me know that they have enjoyed eating the biscotti.  It is this small pleasure and satisfaction that I have been able to offer to those who have tasted my biscotti that has made my journey in many ways worthwhile.  But the most enjoyable about this Buzzi Bees 'adventure' is the opportunity it has given me to meet some amazing and enthusiastic people; inspirational, hardworking and creative; among these are the ladies at Nosh. 

Previously, working in a high-pressured management and administration position; this sea change has given me the opportunity to test my entrepreneurial and marketing abilities. I am passionate about good, quality food and products and will continue to strive to maintain the quality of the biscotti for the eating pleasure of everyone.

My advice would be: don’t throw out the pack of broken biscotti pieces.  Grind it into coarse bits and add it to your yoghurt or ice cream or sprinkle on top on a bowl of fruits with fresh cream.  Adds a different dimension to your mundane bowl of fruits.  Use it to decorate a plain serve of cheese and celery sticks 'butterfly wings' for a serving for kids.  Let your imagination run wild”. 

 We absolutely LOVE Janet’s biscottini, and we’re pretty sure you will, too! 😊

Janet will be joining us on Saturday, July 21st 2018 for a tasting of her delicious range, so be sure to pop down for a nibble between 11am and 1pm.

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