Le Deux Clare

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Just another reason to love West Australian small business – these make at home, dessert recipe gift packs are GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN and not to mention DELICIOUS! 😋 They're so simple to put together and they make amazing gifts.

The lovely Claire behind Le Deux Clare tells us all about her delicious range and how it came to be. 

“I started Le Deux Clare whilst on maternity leave. With my husband working FIFO I like being able to manage my time to focus on family week whilst he is home.

Le Deux Clare was originally created as I have a massive sweet-tooth, so I needed to make treats that were guilt-free. I also have vegan family members and I am dairy-free.

I noticed a big interest from friends and family wanting to create the same recipes but not having all the ingredients or time etc.

So, I decided to make recipe packs by hand from home, which I still do!

My original flavours were inspired from slices I enjoyed but didn’t want to miss out on once cutting out dairy from my diet.

Future recipes will be based on the same concept - not wanting to miss out on desserts so creating a healthier version (e.g. I’m currently working on a Xmas recipe to not miss out traditional Xmas desserts)

They really are as simple as blending the base and pouring it into the pan, stirring the centre and pouring on top of the base, and then sprinkling or spreading over the topping, before freezing, slicing and devouring within the hour.


I have absolutely loved meeting and sharing the journey with other perth small businesses. It is such a supportive community.

And of course seeing people’s reaction when they sample tasters is always nice to get the lovely feedback.

We absolutely LOVE Claire’s recipes, and we’re pretty sure you will, too! 😊

Claire will be joining us this Saturday, July 14th 2018 for a tasting of her delicious range, so be sure to pop down for a nibble between 11am and 1pm.

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