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Mette Nielsen, a Danish engineer who has lived in six countries, set up her third business, Mette is Baking in 2015 after identifying a desire for her moreish Nordic crackers.  As an engineer at the top of her game, Mette was harbouring a stronger entrepreneurial drive and to further hone her business skills, entered the challenging food trade. 

We’re not afraid to say it, but Mette’s crackers are one of our Nosh Favourites!

Not only are they ABSOLUTELY delicious, but they pair with just about anything. Cheese, dip, pâté – you name it!

Mette’s crackers are now nationally awarded and Mette continues to bring quality inspired Nordic crackers to the Australian table, one cheese platter at a time.

Here, we get to know a little more about Mette and how her business came to be.

“I started Mette is Baking in 2015. 

I've always had a passion for business and wanted to find out if I have what it takes to be in business for myself.  The answer is yes... I love running my own business.

My favourite part about what I do is when a cracker fan contacts me to tell me that they love our product...

Most days are different but my typical week looks like this…

Monday’s I’m contacting my customers.

Tuesday and Wednesday I’m in the bakery.

Thursday I work on the business.

Friday is about looking forward and planning.

My number 1 tip for anyone thinking about starting their own business is this…

Give it a go... one step at a time.  Grow a little, consolidate then take the next step.

What is one of the hardest lessons you have learnt so far?

The hardest part lesson I have learnt is pushing through when it’s uncomfortable and especially when I’m up against what I don’t know. 

I’m pretty a good self motivator.  Never use an alarm.  Just wake up (early) and get the job done.  I have no secret... I’m a naturally driven person and I’m a bit of an overachiever from way back ;-)

I started on a shoestring, baking from home in my kitchen...

My biggest investment has been in the production area.  The engineer in me loves a well-designed work space that runs effectively and efficiently.  A girl can never have too much equipment...

I make my products by -

Mixing, rolling, baking, cooling, packing, delivering, selling, eating, enjoying… Repeat…

I buy bulk ingredients from several different sources to ensure supply and get the best quality ingredients.”

Mette will be joining us on Saturday, September 15th 2018 for a tasting of her delicious range, so be sure to pop down for a nibble between 11am and 1pm.

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