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The beautiful Sarah, creative mastermind behind Nougat & Nice started her career as a Pastry Chef at Rochelle Adonis where she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with all things confectionery! She then came and worked right here at Nosh for a while and even helped us out in the Small Batch kitchen making our handmade chocolate. She has a treasure trove of ideas and likes to experiment with new and exciting flavour combinations. We stock her entire range of handmade Nougats and find it hard to keep them on the shelves!

Here, we get to know Sarah and how her small business came to be.

"Myself and my Fiancé, Chad decided to start this business when we were building our house and while I was pregnant with our first child. Being a Pastry Chef, we decided to build a commercial kitchen in to our home and that's when it all started. It gets more exciting further along the journey and we love it.

Our products are all made by hand with lots of love. We use a combination of honey, bucket loads of nuts and fruits and a few other things. We pretty much just make whatever we would want to eat and share with our loved ones.

I love making things that are a little different but not too crazy…I don't want to scare people.

I also like to make flavours that you can eat straight for dessert or on a cheese board, but that can also be used for many other proposes; for example, our Dark Chocolate Peanut nougat can be melted down for a warm dipping sauce, chopped up and mixed through brownies, or any of the flavours are great cut into cubes and put in the centre of cupcakes to take them to next level!

I source my ingredients from many different suppliers. I try very hard to keep things local while also keeping in mind the cost that comes with that. I’m constantly searching for new ingredients and inspiration all the time.

When I think about what I have loved the most about our journey so far, it would have to be just how far we have come since the start. We started with zero knowledge about anything and now it amazes me to think about making new products and everything that goes into it. We now have two children and we have a small business and we can teach our children anything is possible; it’s just a process and to enjoy the journey (with lots of hard work)."

Sarah will be joining us on Saturday, August 18th 2018 for a tasting of her delicious range, so be sure to pop down for a nibble between 11am and 1pm.

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