A second blog

by David Burch | June 13, 2013

So what’s it like?

Well there is a healthy mix of nationalities and socio-economic groups. It is a far from sterile suburb. No it isn’t perfectly gorgeous in a Peppy Grove face-lift kind of way. We haven’t had the steroid injection of government capital like Subiaco and there really is no air conditioned Mecca – Morley style.

It is a village, albeit one with a very long main street. Albany Highway. There is constant chatter from the local bureaucrats about changing its name. Maybe “Old Albany Road”? Re-paving, changing the traffic flow, giving it a new face, a make-over.

But this “Super-Cafe Strip” stretching from the River to St James is alive and humming with its own unique energy, like an over stretched rubber band. This main drag tells the story of our diversity, our past and the quickly arriving future. The diversity runs from African hairdressers, motor bike accessory stores, op shops, pubs, photography studios, barbers, book stores, burger bars, boot makers, fair trade shops, food halls, gelato shops, cafes, 24 hour pizza shops, curio shops, lingerie shops, gift shops and restaurants – Lebanese, Chinese, fine dining, Mexican, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Malay, Thai, Indian, Turkish and more.

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