BBQ Essentials

BBQ Essentials

$120.00 AUD

Our BBQ Essentials hamper is a mix of locally made products that can take the humble snag, chop or scotch fillet to that next level.

Simple and forgiving ingredients that anyone can use. Once you have tried these guys, it's hard to look at the BBQ again without thinking of which product to try again...


Hamper Contents:

- Society Chutney Smokey BBQ Sauce 

- Smokey Bull's Head Sriracha BBQ Sauce 

- SmokeyQ Chipotle Rub

- GH Nuts Chipotle and Desert Lime Nuts 

- Knutsford Gourmet Fennel and Sea Salt Crackers 

- Small Batch Milk Rocky Road 

- Olio Bello Onion Jam 

- India Pale Ale Eagle Bay 


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