Pre Dinner Nibbles Superior Online

Pre Dinner Nibbles Superior Online

$260.00 AUD

Our Pre-Dinner Nibble hamper aims to provide a savoury option that while each product being irresistible on its own, won't ruin the meal to follow. 

With a little imagination and the right combination of cheese and meats, these hampers will also make a fantastic light meal in themselves.

These hampers are also great gifts for those who don't have a sweet tooth but like everyone else, still love great food.


Hamper Contents:

- Plantagenet Lancaster Shiraz 2018

- Plantagenet York Chardonnay 2019 

- Mette Nordic Crackers

- Tabletop Grapes 

- Knutsford Gourmet Multi Seed 

- Egyptian Dukkah 

- Cape Farm Oil 

- Olio Bello Zucchini Relish 

- Fig and Fennel Paste 

- Society Pumkpin Chutney 

- Marinated Garlic and Rosemary Olives

- GH Nuts Rosemary and Saltbush 

- Small Batch Milk Pretzels 

- Gourmet Wine Crackers 

- Hamper Box

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