Pre Dinner Snacks Premium

Pre Dinner Snacks Premium

$180.00 AUD

A great hamper for a big group of people to share.  There's something for everyone!

- Mette Nordic Crackers 

- Small Batch Dark Rapsberry Pistachio Bark 

- Egyptian Dukkah 

- Cape Farm Olive Oil 

- Chilli Cider Nuts 

- Buzzi Bees Almond Biscotti 

- The Toffee Factory Peanut Brittle 

- Lamonts Olives 

- GH Rosemary and Saltbush Nuts 

- Ooh La La Banana Coconut Relish 

- Knutsford Gourmet Fennel and Sea Salt Crackers 

- Simply Beautiful Cheese Straws 

- Brinjal Chutney 

- Fig and Fennel Paste 

- Small Batch Milk Pretzels 

- Hamper Box

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