Chocolate Premium

Chocolate Premium
Chocolate Premium
Chocolate Premium

$200.00 AUD

Not all chocolate is created equal. Some is for fun while some will challenge your senses and palette. These hampers are for the easy going chocolate lover. Combined with sometimes unexpected products they are all wonderfully guilty pleasures. The key to these hampers is that you are allowed to enjoy what you eat, just try not to eat it all at once.
The Stand-Outs in this hamper have to be the Small Batch chocolate, which is lovingly hand made at Nosh, and we thinks it's pretty great...
Hamper Contents:
Small Batch Workshop Co. - Rocky Road (Milk) 250g
Small Batch Workshop Co. - Cookies & Cream Caramel Popcorn 100g
Small Batch Workshop Co. - Chocolate Coated Oranges (Dark) 200g
Mondo Nougat - Soft Chocolate Coated 225g
Whistlers Chocolate - Hokey Pokey Bark 120g
Gabriel Chocolate - Madagascar 72% 85g
Bit on the Side - Chocolate Grandmarnier Sauce 250ml
Bahen & Co. - Almond & Sea Salt 70% 
Bahen & Co. - Madagascar 70%
Fremantle Chocolate - Chocolate Coated Plums 150g
Yahava Koffeeworks - Mixed Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans 200g
Pawprint Chocolate - Chocolate Dukkah 
Connosier Collection - Chocolate Espresso Shortbread 60g
Fremantle Chocolate - Caramel Crispy Log 200g
Simply Beautiful Biscuits - Afghans 120g
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