Gluten Free Gourmet Box

Gluten Free Gourmet Box

$115.00 AUD

Having to eat gluten free can be a real restriction on the variety of quality foods for both the afflicted and those who eat with them. These hampers are a selection of the gluten free products we have available that will make giving an appropriate G.F. gift easier and help prove that variety, quality, flavour and Gluten Free can co-exist. Food is such a simple pleasure that having so much taken away means what is left has to count. 


Hamper Contents:


Mette Nordic Gluten Free Crackers 

GH Produce Rosemary and Saltbush Nuts 

Cape Farm Olive Oil 

Olio Bello Dukkah 

Nougat and Nice Cranberry Pistachio Nougat Box 200g 

The Toffee Factory Peanut Brittle 

Date and Walnut Balls 

Vino Food fig, Apple and Chardonnay Chutney 

Small Batch Peppermint Bar 

Hamper Box 

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