Meet Passionè Secca!

Meet Passionè Secca!

Sep 06, 2023Nosh Gourmet Gifts

Beginning as a hobby and evolving one cocktail party at a time, Passionè Secca was created. Making use of the incredible produce here in Perth, Emma has made sure to work hand in hand with local backyard growers to ensure community comes first!

Within Passionè Secca's beautiful packaging is even more beautiful dehydrated garnishes, cocktail infusions, and cocktail rim mixtures!

Not much of a drinker or prefer to create other tasty treats? Passionè Secca can be used for so much more than cocktails! 

Why not try decorating the humble cake, or topping off your cheese board, with some of their beautiful dried garnishes. There are so many ways to experiment!

So perhaps you love a cocktail, know a cocktail lover or want to start experimenting, Passionè Secca is perfect for the celebratory season that we head into this spring!

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