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Handmade Couverture Chocolate

How would I make a chocolate bar just for me?

 This is the question that we asked ourselves before starting our handmade range.

To us, it meant using plenty of fresh ingredients with real flavour and high quality couverture chocolate.
We decided to make our bars with attention to quality. The result, gourmet flavours and textures, with a few unique twists here and there! Smooth creamy chocolate, lots of the ingredients that matter and plenty of good old-fashioned handmade attention.
Only recently did we move our humble kitchen from the back of our Nosh store to something a little larger down the road, This meant more chocolate and more opportunity to experiment with flavours!
We almost always have a range of our chocolates for tasting in store, so if something tickles your fancy but you need extra confirmation of just how good it really is... or if you're just feeling peckish, we've got you covered!

Buy any of our delicious range online or from our store in East Victoria Park, Perth Western Australia. 


Made using local and imported ingredients by Nosh Gourmet Gifts Pty Ltd 
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