Passione Secca - Cocktails & Garnishes

Passione Secca - Cocktails & Garnishes

May 09, 2023Amanda Young

Paloma Cocktail




  • 60ml Tequila (we used Espolon Tequila)
  • 20ml Lime juice
  • Capi Pink Grapefruit Soda
  • Spicy Boi Rim salt



Grab a glass of your choice, begin by wetting the rim of your glass with lime juice. Roll the lime around in your Spicy Boi Rim Salt.

Fill glass with ice and add the Tequila and lime juice.
Top glass with Grapefruit Soda.
Garnish with Passione Secca dehydrated Lime.

Viola - Enjoy 


For more amazing cocktail recipes and inventive ways to use your rim salts and fruit garnishes, check out Passione Secca's instagram and website.

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